Taking MyEMCert Modules

Module Basics

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Getting Started

Taking Modules

MyEMCert modules are open book and can be taken at your convenience. However, they must be taken alone and without collaboration, as opposed to LLSA tests.

You will be able to select which module to take based on the modules available to you in your ABEM portal. There is no set order for completing the modules. It is up to you to choose from what is available.

The fee for each MyEMCert module is $350. Except for physicians who have already transitioned to an annual fee. The annual fee covers the fee for modules.

Each module includes approximately 50 questions, broken into three sections: Core Questions, Core Question Sets, and Key Advances Questions. Each section is labeled, and instructions are provided.

You will have 4 hours of total time to complete the module.

If you are inactive for 15 minutes, you will receive a warning that the system will automatically pause your module unless you take an action. If you choose to exit the module before you complete it, all your confirmed answers will be saved. Questions are forward progression only. Once you confirm an answer, you will be unable to return to the question or make changes.