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The Wait is Over! A New Way to Stay Certified

Mar 31, 2021

ABEM-certified physicians can now take MyEMCert modules.

MyEMCert modules are the alternative to the high-stakes, single point-in-time, traditional recertification exam, and the ongoing LLSA readings and tests. MyEMCert modules were designed with the uniqueness of Emergency Medicine in mind and are informed by the preferences and feedback of ABEM-certified physicians.

The first three module topics available are:

Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock
Trauma and Bleeding

Three additional modules will be available in summer 2021.

ABEM-certified physicians should use the ✓ ABEM Reqs tool to learn when they should plan to take MyEMCert modules.

Take the Demo Module
ABEM-certified physicians can sign in to register for and take a 5-question demo module. The demo module provides an opportunity to learn how to register for and take MyEMCert modules, as well as view sample questions.
No fee - No score - No risk 

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