Sample Exam Questions

Sample Non-Stimulus Question

Appears on all multiple choice question exams.

What is the most common cause of massive rectal bleeding in an adult?

(A) carcinoma of the left colon

(B) carcinoma of the right colon

(C) diverticulosis

(D) mesenteric thrombosis

(E) polyps

Sample Stimulus Question

x ray of fractured hand

Appears on all multiple choice question exams.

How many bones are fractured in the hand x-ray shown?

(Please click the stimulus to view larger image.)

(A) one

(B) two

(C) three

(D) four

(E) five

Sample Dynamic Stimulus Question

Appears on computer-delivered QE exam only.

A 45-year-old man presents after being found on the sidewalk. He smells of alcohol and admits to chronic use. His vital signs are BP, 90/60; P, 125; R, 24; and T, 38.0º C (101.5º F). An ultrasound of his abdomen is shown. A CBC, chest X-ray, and blood culture have been ordered. What test is most likely to be diagnostic?

(Please click the stimulus image to the right to view the video.)

(A) arterial blood gas

(B) CT scan of the abdomen

(C) paracentesis

(D) serum transaminase levels