ConCert™ Exam

ConCert Exam now offered in an online, open-book format. 

This exam will be offered in two three-week windows during 2020, 2021, and 2022 to eligible physicians at no additional cost. Review Frequently Asked Questions

Remote ConCert

Dates and Fees

  • ConCert™ Examination

ConCert Exam

The ConCert Examination assesses knowledge, judgment, and skills of Emergency Medicine physicians. ABEM-certified physicians are required to pass the ConCert Examination once in years six through ten of their certification.

Quick Facts

  • The ConCert Examination will be remotely administered in an open-book format. Physicians may use any outside resources of their choosing while taking the examination.
  • The exam contains approximately 190 single-best-answer, standard multiple choice questions.
  • Candidates MUST NOT collaborate with one another while taking the examination.
  • Candidates are prohibited from recording or divulging exam content and violating ABEM’s copyright.
  • ABEM will be actively monitoring the internet, social media, etc., for copyright violations.
  • Technical support will be available 24/7 during the administration window.
  • Minimum system requirements
    • Windows: Windows 8.1 or higher
    • Mac: MacOS Sierra 10.12
    • The most recent version of one of the following browsers:
      • Chrome1
      • Edge1
      • Firefox1
      • Safari 11.0
      1 Chrome, Edge, and Firefox support are limited to the current version plus one previous version due to forced automatic updates.

      • Tablets and iPads are not supported

Technical Support

ABEM has contracted with Internet Testing Systems (ITS) to provide technical resources during the ConCert administration. Any questions regarding system functionality should be directed to ITS, and ITS technical support will be available before and during the exam administration.

  • Telephone: 800.514.8494
  • International Telephone Support: 443.573.8399
  • Email:

Exam Administration Blog

If there is a known technical issue during the administration, ITS’ technical support will post updates every 15 minutes to their blog at Please visit the blog prior to testing and click on the “Subscribe” link to subscribe via text and/or email to receive proactive notifications during the exam administration.

In lieu of the blog, any technical-related questions regarding issues should be directed to ITS at the above numbers or email.

To best prepare and plan for the ConCert Examination, please review the following sections:

Getting Started
Before the Exam
At the Exam
Exam Content
Results & Scoring

These sections will provide you with the information you need to prepare for and take the ConCert Examination.

UpToDate® Now Available for ConCert!

UpToDate® is available as a resource within the examination. Please note that the correct answers to questions are based on a variety of peer-reviewed literature and verified by expert consensus. Not all test questions were developed according to UpToDate and any corresponding articles are listed for reference purposes only. ABEM makes no claim about the accuracy of the information provided by UpToDate. If you are unfamiliar with using UpToDate, please visit their website and take a tutorial. 


You can take the ConCert Examination during the testing window in any of the last five years of your certification (available through 2022). Passing the ConCert Examination early does not, by itself, renew your certificate. ABEM-certified physicians are not required to meet other continuing certification requirements to take the ConCert Examination. However, certification can only be renewed if all continuing certification requirements are met.

Take the ConCert™ Exam Early

You can take the ConCert™ Examination, during the testing window, in any of the last five years of your certification. If you pass the exam early, you will still retain your certification until the expiration date on your current certificate. If you take the exam early and do not pass, you still retain your certification and additional opportunities to pass it.

Getting Started