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  • ConCert™ Examination

The ConCert™ Examination assesses knowledge, judgment, and skills of Emergency Medicine physicians. ABEM-certified physicians are required to pass the ConCert Examination once in years six through ten of their certification.

The exam is administered during one week in the spring and fall each year at Pearson VUE testing centers around the United States and Canada. The exam contains approximately 190 single-best-answer, standard multiple choice questions.

To best prepare and plan for the ConCert Examination, please review the following sections:

These materials will provide you with the information you need to prepare for, attend, and take the ConCert Examination.

ConCert Alternative: MyEMCert

Information about MyEMCert is available here.

 MyEMCert FAQs


Passing the ConCert Examination early does not, by itself, renew your certificate. ABEM-certified physicians are not required to meet other continuing certification requirements to take the ConCert Examination. However, certification can only be renewed if all continuing certification requirements are met.

Take the ConCert™ Exam Early

You can take the ConCert™ Examination, during the testing window, in any of the last five years of your certification. If you pass the exam early, you will still retain your certification until the expiration date on your current certificate. If you take the exam early and do not pass, you still retain your certification and additional opportunities to pass it.

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