Board Eligibility

Physicians must be designated as ABEM board eligible to seek certification in Emergency Medicine. The designation “board eligible” refers only to physicians who have never achieved certification. To be ABEM board eligible, a physician must:

  1. Have graduated from an ACGME- or RCPSC-accredited Emergency Medicine program or an ABEM-approved combined training program.*
  2. Fulfill the ABEM Policy on Medical Licensure

* The only exception to this criterion is for physicians who applied for certification through the practice pathway and had open certification applications on file with ABEM on January 1, 2015.

Related Information

Board Eligibility Schedule

Board eligibility is time-limited.

Physician Group

Graduates from residency training 2015 to present.

  • Eligibility Begins: On the physician’s graduation date
  • Eligibility Ends: December 31, five years after the graduation date

Those who had open certification applications on January 1, 2015 and graduates from residency training prior to 2015 who did not apply for certification, or had an application that was closed as of January 1, 2015.

  • Eligibility Begins: January 1, 2015
  • Eligibility Ends: December 31, 2019

Physicians who meet specific requirements by the end of their period of board eligibility without becoming certified will be granted a second period of board eligibility.

Second Period of Board Eligibility

To be granted a second five-year period of board eligibility, a physician must:

  1. Pass the Qualifying Examination by the end of the first period of board eligibility.
  2. Complete all additional certification requirements.

Expiration of Board Eligibility

Board eligible status ends when:

  • A physician does not meet the requirements to be granted a second period of board eligibility
  • A physician does not become certified by the end of their second period of board eligibility
  • A physician achieves ABEM certification.

Physicians who are no longer board eligible cannot claim to be board eligible and cannot take ABEM certification examinations.

To become board eligible again, physicians must complete additional training approved by ABEM. ABEM is considering what the additional training will entail.