Physicians can view their board eligibility status by signing in to the EM Initial Certification Page. ABEM uses the following terms to describe physicians’ board eligible status.

Board Eligible

The physician has graduated from Emergency Medicine residency training, ABEM has verified that his/her medical licensure meets ABEM policy, and the physician’s period of board eligibility has not expired. Physicians who had open certification applications on file with ABEM as of January 1, 2015, were designated as board eligible if their medical licensure was in compliance with ABEM policy.


A physician who is in the last year of residency and while the certification application period is open.

Physicians have additional certification requirements that began January 1, 2015, if they have a pending status. If you graduated before 2015 and have a pending board eligible status, please contact ABEM at

Not Board Eligible

The period of board eligibility has expired and the physician is no longer board eligible. This status is also used when a physician’s medical licensure does not meet ABEM policy.