• Combined Training Program

    ABEM, in cooperation with three other ABMS boards, has approved a training model that combines three years of Emergency Medicine training and three years of another specialty’s training and, by identifying 12 months of overlapping training acceptable to both boards, reduces the total training time to five years. Combined training programs exist in Emergency Medicine/Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine (IM), and Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics.

    Additionally, ABEM, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), and the ABIM Critical Care Medicine (CCM) Subspecialty Committee have developed a six-year training program that, upon successful completion, gains a physician access to the certification examinations in EM, IM, and CCM.

    ABEM’s Philosophy on New Combined Training Programs

    It is ABEM’s philosophy that proposals for new combined training programs should support an established career path that a significant number of individuals had already pursued, rather than seek to establish a new career path to attract individuals. ABEM reviews proposals for combined training on an individual basis. The following information must be included with requests to consider proposed combined training options:
    1. What is the name of the specialty to be combined with Emergency Medicine training?
    2. What is the origin of the request to consider a combined training program?
    3. What are the basic objectives of a combined training program in Emergency Medicine and the other specialty?
    4. How would a combined training option in Emergency Medicine and the other specialty improve patient care?
    5. How many institutions have accredited programs in both specialties?
    6. Include a written commitment from at least six training programs that support the proposed combined program.
    7. What is the anticipated career path of graduates of such a combined program? In addition, would there be a reasonable demand for the graduates of such a program?
    8. How many practicing physicians are currently dual-boarded in Emergency Medicine and the other specialty?
    9. Include statements from physicians who have pursued this career path.
    10. Include a template of a proposed curriculum clearly showing and describing the overlap that is possible between the two specialties.
    11. How would the combined program be funded?
    12. How would diplomates certified through the combined program recertify or maintain certification in both specialty areas?
    13. Include a letter of endorsement from the director or other appropriate individual of the residency program of the specialty with which the combined program would be developed.
    14. Has there been contact with the other specialty board? If so, what was their response?

    Combined training programs are reviewed and approved by the participating boards, as the ACGME does not currently have a process in place to review and accredit these programs.

    Approved Combined Training Programs

    A current list of approved combined Emergency Medicine training programs is available from the ABEM office. To request a list, please call 517.332.4800, extension 388, or email training@abem.org.