Credit For Training In Other Specialties

The ABEM Policy on Credit for Training in Other Specialties provides an opportunity for residents to receive credit for a portion of their previous Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited, non-EM primary residency training when they transfer to an ACGME-accredited, EM residency program. This could reduce the total length of a resident’s EM training.

EM program directors must submit equivalent credit requests with all required documentation to ABEM, and ABEM must approve the request, prior to the resident beginning the EM program.

How to Submit a Request for Equivalent Credit

ABEM requires the following documentation for an equivalent credit request to be complete:

  1. A completed  Request for Credit for Training in Other Specialties form. (This form must be completed electronically. Handwritten forms will not be accepted).

  2. A copy of the non-EM certificate of completion and/or letter from the non-EM program director verifying that at least 12 months of the resident's training was successfully completed.
  3. A copy of the non-EM training program’s standard curriculum.
  4. A copy of the EM training program’s standard curriculum.
  5. A copy of the non-EM training program's block diagram.
  6. A copy of the EM training program's block diagram.

Requests should be submitted via email to

If you have specific questions or comments regarding the process for requesting equivalent credit, please contact the ABEM office at 517-332-4800, option 3, or