Resident Ambassador Panel

Emergency Medicine residents provide the voice of our specialty’s future. ABEM appreciates and encourages input by physicians in training. ABEM is forming a Resident Ambassador Panel (RAP) to assist ABEM by providing a resident’s perspective with certain ABEM activities, such as communication about the In-training Examination, applying for certification, the Residency Visitation Program, and the ABEM website. The Panel will comprise three EM residents serving two-year terms; each member must be a PGY 2 or above at the start of their term.

Panel Members

  • Three members
  • Two-year term
    • Terms from July 2020 to June 2022
  • Participation is a minimum of two web-based meetings per year

Nominee Criteria

  • EM resident, PGY2 and above at the start of his or her term
    • Entire term must be completed during residency (i.e., cannot extend term into a fellowship year)
  • Desired attributes include:
    • Strong interpersonal skills and professionalism
    • Timeliness, ability to follow direction
    • Team skills, ability to compromise
    • Ability to accept constructive criticism
    • Agreeable to ABEM’s conflict of interest, confidentiality, and volunteer policies

Related Information

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Nomination Process

  • Resident completes a nomination form
  • Resident’s program director completes a recommendation form
  • The two forms are submitted together to one of the following organizations:
  • Each of the organizations listed above may submit a slate of up to two nominees for the Panel
  • ABEM selects members from among the organizations’ nominees; (there are no designated seats)

The deadline for organizations to submit nominees to ABEM is May 1, 2020. Please contact the nominating organizations for information about their submission deadlines.