Key Dates

Annual Training Information Survey (TIS)

Available July 1 – October 31

The TIS will collect program information to ensure EM In-training Examination (ITE) eligibility and that graduates meet the minimum requirements for certification. You will also use the TIS to pre-register for the ITE.

In-Training Examination (ITE) Prep

Early December to mid-January

Programs must confirm which residents will be taking the ITE, provide administrative details, and submit a payment method.

In-Training Examination (ITE) 

February 27 – March 2, 2024

In-training Examination

Application Cycle for Initial Certification


EM residents graduating on or before October 31 can apply in the same year they graduate. However, they should NOT wait until after graduation to apply.

ABEM Certification Reports


The ABEM Report to Residency Programs sent to program directors includes:
1) Data required by and sent to the ACGME regarding the program
2) A redacted table of program graduates who took a certification examination in the previous calendar year

Graduate Verification of Training

Late June – Early July

Program directors must review and attest to all physicians who trained in their program via their ABEM portal.

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