• In-training Examination Requirements and Process

    The purpose of the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) In-training Examination (ITE) is to provide one piece of information to Emergency Medicine (EM) residents, and their faculty, to supplement other evaluation information that may be used to determine the residents’ degree of preparedness for taking the ABEM Qualifying Examination.

    The ABEM ITE is available to:

    See the Policy on ITE Accessibility for more information.

    For residents and advance-matched physicians of newly accredited ACGME programs, the ACGME accreditation decision must be made on or before November 1 of the year prior to the examination administration in order to be eligible to take the ITE.

    ABEM mails ITE registration information to all residency programs in early December, prior to the administration each year. Participating residency programs pay the established examination fee for each resident registered to take the ITE in their program. ABEM does not communicate directly with residents in this process.

    Programs that participate in an ITE administration will receive detailed examination results for all of their enrolled residents who took the examination.

    The Board will be conducting a voluntary pilot of the online administration of the ITE as part of the regular 2016 ITE administration on February 24, 2016; please click here for more information.