• EMS - Overview
    Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a medical subspecialty that involves prehospital emergency patient care, including initial patient stabilization, treatment, and transport to hospitals in specially equipped ambulances or helicopters. The purpose of EMS subspecialty certification is to standardize physician training and qualifications for EMS practice, improve patient safety and enhance the quality of emergency medical care provided to patients in the prehospital environment, and facilitate further integration of prehospital patient treatment into the continuum of patient care.

    EMS became the sixth subspecialty available to ABEM diplomates on September 23, 2010, when it was approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). The first certification examination was administered October 23-25, 2013, and March 20-22, 2014.

    As the sole sponsoring and administrative board for the subspecialty, ABEM is responsible for examination development, administration, scoring and analysis as well as credentialing candidates and notifying them of their examination results and developing and maintaining the EMS Maintenance of Certification Program.

    The EMS Examination Committee, composed of eight EMS physicians, is charged with:

    • Reviewing and revising, as necessary, the Core Content of EMS Medicine
    • Reviewing and revising, as necessary, the blueprint for the certification examination
    • Reviewing and revising, as necessary, the definition of the Minimally Qualified EMS Physician
    • Creating and editing examination items
    • Determining the items to be used in the initial certification examination
    • Determining articles and items for EMS LLSA tests
    • Developing and other requirements for certification and Maintenance of Certification
    • Reviewing and revising, as necessary, the passing score for the certification examination
    • Decision-making authority for credentialing EMS certification applicants
    • Developing and recommending to the ABEM Board of Directors any Maintenance of Certification elements