Approved Externally Developed PI Activities

Available to All ABEM and Former ABEM-certified Physicians

  • ACEP Pediatric Readiness of Emergency Departments

  • ACEP Imaging in Patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

  • ACEP Palliative Care in the Emergency Department

  • ACEP Clinical Emergency Data Registry (CEDR)

  • ACEP E-QUAL Initiatives: Sepsis, Chest Pain, and Avoidable Imaging

  • MedAmerica Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR)

  • ACEP New Approaches to Opioid Use Disorder

Available to Specific Groups of ABEM and Former ABEM-certified Physicians

  • EPIX Medical Record Audit: Discharge of Patients Treated for High-risk Conditions

  • Multi-Specialty Portfolio Approval Program (MSPP)

  • RSQ Assessment: Emergency Medicine (Formerly known as EMRI Audit)