LLSA Requirements

ABEM-certified physicians are required to complete four LLSA activities in the first five-year period of their ten-year certification. Physicians can take any combination of EM, Emergency Medical Services, Medical Toxicology, and Pediatric Emergency Medicine LLSA tests to meet their requirement. Physicians who are in a 5-year certification do not have an LLSA requirement. 

LLSA Test Information

A new LLSA test is posted each year. Each LLSA test consists of 20 to 30 questions. Each test will remain online from April 1 of that year through March 31, five years later. The registration fee for an LLSA test is $105. 

A physician may register for an ABEM LLSA test as many times as necessary to pass it, as long as the test is available to the physician online. Once registered, a physician may take the LLSA test any time up to five years after registering for it. A physician has up to three opportunities per registration to pass an ABEM LLSA test.

There is no need to complete an LLSA test in one sitting. ABEM-certified physicians may prepare for it and take it in groups. An incomplete test can be saved and resumed an unlimited number of times before it is submitted for scoring, as long as the test is still available to the physician online. If a physicians needs a retired LLSA test to meet requirements, it can be made available.

Optional CME activities are available with ABEM LLSA tests published in and after 2011, including Medical Toxicology and Emergency Medical Services LLSAs.

LLSA Scoring

A passing score is achieved by answering 85% of the test questions correctly. LLSA tests are automatically scored when when they are submitted. The score will be available online immediately. If the physician has not passed the test, information about the number of attempts remaining within the current registration will appear. The physician may take the LLSA test again immediately or at a later date.

A physician who passes the LLSA test has the option to print a certificate of test completion or email the certificate to one or more email addresses.

A physician who registers for an LLSA CME activity will be awarded credits and a CME certificate of completion after passing the LLSA test and completing the post-activity evaluation.

Information Disclosure on Participation or Performance

ABEM does not disclose information about LLSA participation or performance without the physician’s agreement. ABEM shares LLSA CME activity completion data with the CME provider the physician selected, either the American Academy of Emergency Physicians (AAEM) or the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).