ABEM LLSA Test Requirements 

ABEM diplomates are required to complete four ABEM LLSA tests in each five-year period of their ten-year certification.

  • Each reading list consists of 10 to 15 readings based on the EM Model.
  • A new LLSA test will be posted on the ABEM website each year. Each LLSA test will remain online from April 1 of that year through March 31, three years later. The current Patient Safety LLSA will be available until 2019.
  • LLSA tests must be taken online through your ABEM Personal Page
  • Each LLSA test consists of 20 to 30 questions.
  • A passing score is achieved by answering 85% of the test questions correctly.
  • A physician has up to three opportunities per registration to pass an ABEM LLSA test and an unlimited number of opportunities to pass the Patient Safety LLSA test. An incomplete test can be saved and resumed an unlimited number of times before it is submitted for scoring, as long as the test is still available to the physician online.
  • A physician may register for an ABEM LLSA test as many times as necessary to pass it, as long as the test is available to the physician online.
  • There is no need to complete an LLSA test in one sitting. It is open-book, and ABEM diplomates and former may prepare for it and take it in groups. 
  • Once registered, a physician may take the LLSA test any time up to five years after registering for it. 
  • If a diplomate or former diplomate needs a retired LLSA test to meet ABEM MOC LLS requirements, it is made available.

LLSA Scoring

LLSA Reading Lists

LLSA Reading Submission Process

Patient Safety LLSA Test Requirements