ABEM MOC Personal Page Information

Your ABEM MOC Personal Page is a secure portal used to perform tasks related to the ABEM MOC program. From your ABEM MOC Personal Page, you can:

  • Learn your specific MOC requirements and current status

  • Provide your medical licensure information to fulfill the continuous Professionalism and Professional Standing requirement of MOC

  • Review lists of LLSA readings

  • Register for and take your required LLSA tests

  • Register for and earn optional CME credit for preparing for and completing LLSA tests

  • Review your completed activities and LLSA test results

  • Register for the ConCert™ Examination

  • Register for the ABEM Optional Computer-Delivered Testing Experience in testing centers

  • Attest to completion of IMP Practice Improvement and Communication / Professionalism activities

  • Attest to CME activity in the year your CME requirement is due 


Help for Signing in to Your ABEM MOC Personal Page

  • If You Do Not Yet Have a User ID and Password

  • If You Already Have a User ID and Password

  • Apple/Safari User Sign-in Problems

  • Additional Sign-in Problems


Navigating Your ABEM MOC Personal Page

Printable guide to the ABEM MOC website here.