Feedback & Scoring

Question Feedback

After completing each question, you will receive instantaneous feedback on your answer, the correct answer, and the rationale for the correct answer.

Module Feedback

After completing a module, you will get a pass/fail outcome immediately.

  • ABEM uses standard setting (a psychometric process) to determine your outcome (pass or fail).
  • The process involves a panel of clinically active physicians from within the Emergency Medicine community that is convened and, using a modified-Angoff method, determines a cut score that, in turn, determines what constitutes a pass/fail for each MyEMCert module.
  • Standard setting helps determine the proficiency expected for an ABEM-certified physician to pass a MyEMCert module and recommends this standard to the ABEM Board.
  • Once determined, this pass/fail standard is then compared to a physician’s performance on a module. If the physician meets that standard, she or he passes; there is no curve.
  • Different passing scores reflect differences in the standard for each module. A more difficult module

If your first attempt to pass is unsuccessful, you can immediately retake a different version of that module.

Registering for a MyEMCert module allows you three attempts to take and pass a module topic. 

Three versions of each module will be available in any given year. If you have not successfully completed a module after your third attempt, you will need to wait until the following year for a new version to become available.